Tikidude's Roots

The Eagle/Dolphin Root
This is not driftwood as averyone believes. These are roots of trees. Alot more goes into these than many people believe. And yes they are all one-of-a-kind carvings.First,  I dig them up, I dry them for 3-6 months, then I pressure wash them to get all the dirt off and some of the bark,
then they're ready to go..I go through the selection process and let the piece decide as to what I'll carve.

Horse Root

Lizard Root

Eel Family Root

Dolphin Root

Octopus Root

Marlin Root

The Alien

Pelican Root

Angelfish Root

Octopus Root 2

Piranha Root

Alien Root

Dolphin Root 
Dragon Root
Dragon Root

Marlin Root