Tikidude's Friends and Family

Helen Wheatley's Abode

Send in your pics and I'll post them here!
I consider anyone that buys a carving from me a friend...like family!
I become attached to alot of my work so when I have to let them go,
you gets a little piece of my heart! Take care of your newest family member and Thanks :)) Chuckie da Tikidude

Joanne Mays 
Gulfport Geckofest 2013

Magfest 2013

Hannah Findley and BJ's Home

Shaye Mills Connecticut

Gulfshores Alabama

JJ Satellite Beach Fla

Octopus at Grant Seafood Festival

Jennifer Podis

Debbie at her tiki bar!

Mahi Reef Jacksonville

Linda's Cheshire Cat Jacksonville

Tiki Party Marley

Sarah's Garden

George Scott Poolside Reef
Palm Harbor

Chris and Karen

Pineda Inn Restaurant and Bar

For Mick Sebastian Show
Gator Head 

For Allison Poolside Party
Jacksonville Fla.

Janet Buchanan Jacksonville
Tikis with torh holders

George Scott Cypress Tiki Heads

For my buddy Bruce in Savannah

Egyptian Cat For TJ

For Donna in Daytona Beach

For Betsy and Walter in Palm Harbor

Oak Tiki for Avery in Palm Harbor

 For Hacienda Ranch in Melbourne

Hampton Inn Suites Jacksonville Fla.

Hampton Inn Suites Jacksonville Fla.

Hampton Inn Suites Jacksonville Fla.

Quixote at Katannas

George Scott
Parrothead Fest 2013

For Dennis aka Hindog 2003

For Griff in Palm Harbor

Susie's Heron Jacksonville

Moe's Toucan

Katannas Tiki

The Screams 
Athens Georgia 2009

Tammy 2004
Parrothead Fest Palm Harbor

JJ's Backyard
from JJ's Limos

Debbie and Phil
Hairy Tiki at Sunfest

"The Reef"
For Mark Wilde 10-2011
Venice Florida

Peggy's Manatee at Dancin in the Streets